Commitment Statement

Offshore Fenders recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment and has implemented initiatives in support of environmental improvement and sustainable development.

Offshore Fenders maintain an integrated ISO (9001 – 14001 – 45001) company management system.

Company commitment in environment protection is ensured by achievement of ISO 14001.

Running a global business with an extensive global Mooring Master network provides us numerous opportunities to improve our impacts environmentally and socially.

The company has, and continues to develop, a simple set of operational standards in the form of a Sustainability commitment, which takes care to minimise impact whilst ensuring the STS operation is not compromised. In the coming years, it is our intention to adopt a more coordinated approach to ensuring a sustainable future.

This commitment has been developed in line with all company compliance tools so as to ensure it is recognized and easy to implement. It will remain simply written, containing common sense and practical working practices.

The key standards include –

1. Sustainable purchasing arrangements for consumables, equipment and energy .

2. Transport/travel policy – maximise use of public transport, promote car sharing by staff and visitors when travelling to the Office and consider where appropriate alternative sources of fuel.

3. Pollution prevention measures and emergency procedures to reduce the risk of incidents and their impact which could damage the company and environment.

4. Maintain a zero to landfill strategy whilst maintaining a focus on reducing waste volumes in all areas of the business.

5. Energy economy measures for each Office department with clear targets set and communicated.

6. Energy conservation/efficiency – measures to be considered and incorporated into new STS site , refurbishments and warehouse equipment replacement.

As part of the Annual Business Plan, a clear set of objectives, building on successes to date and allocating Management responsibilities to all levels with target timescales for implementation will be put in place.

Training requirements for individual personnel to enhance our Health and Safety commitment will need to be consistently monitored.

To summarise, the aim of this initiative is to secure a continual commitment, review performance and build on successes to date to deliver a high level of Sustainability awareness and performance.


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