The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System applicable for the Provision of equipment and Logistics Services in preparation and support of offshore Ship to Ship ( STS ) Transfer Operations

At Offshore Fenders, we have created a quality management system to show our efficiency, creating an effective international shipping operation unsurpassed by our competitors and are proud of our achievement of obtaining the IS0 9001:2015 Quality Management System award, as governed by the International Standard for Organisation, testifying to our continual prioritisation of quality service as a key factor in our operations.

By adhering to this rigorous standard of quality, we are able to assure that all of our operations are to the highest standard and that our core business is geared towards satisfying and exceeding your expectations and requirements, proving to the world our ongoing commitment to provide the best grade of products and services throughout each and every operation.

Time management is a crucial part of our shipping operations and we have therefore created effective systems that reduce any time wastage and increase productivity, giving a seamless service throughout our integrated shipping and logistics services.

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